Saturday, May 22, 2021

Please God let it be so - From the Dreamscape - Cheney chairs Jan 6 Select Committee

Of course not. At least not yet.

This is a short version of some topics from JVL’s Bulkwark/Triad.

On the livestream last night (Thursday, May 20), Amanda Carpenter was pretty sanguine about Republican senators killing the January 6 commission. Her contention is that (1) this vote is going to be hung around their necks for forever and (2) it gives Nancy Pelosi grounds to launch a House Select investigation that can be as scrupulous and fairminded as the Benghazi committee(s).

This morning Amanda went even harder:

Twitter avatar for Amanda Carpenter @amandacarpenter

What would be amazing—meaning DO THIS—is when Pelosi appoints Cheney the GOP Chair of the Select Committee.

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