Saturday, May 22, 2021

Vaccine Hesitancy

From the Daily Kos via Mrs. Scriber: UPDATE x2: There’s a lot of correlations for “vaccine hesitancy”, but one sure seems to stand out.

The AP reports:

A month after every adult in the U.S. became eligible for the vaccine, a distinct geographic pattern has emerged: The highest vaccination rates are concentrated in the Northeast, while the lowest ones are mostly in the South.

Scriber seeks the essential results. Plotting % population vaccinated against % 2020 vote for Trump reveals an interesting relation. Those states voting least for Trump were more likely to get vaccinated. This relation appears at the county and city levels. Within California, for example, cities more likely to get vaccinated were less likely to vote for Trump and counties more likely o vote for Trump were those least likely to get vaccinated.

Back to Kos …

Several people in the comments think I’m being “disrespectful” or “too dismissive” of the other factors … such as racial inequities, lack of transportation, inability to get time off of work and so forth.

Again, yes, I’m sure all of those are important factors as well, but when 43% of Republicans CONTINUE TO INSIST THEY WILL NOT GET VACCINATED—a figure which has remained virtually unchanged for the past SIX MONTHS, I might add, regardless of how much availability and eligibility has increased since then, it gets awfully difficult to continue to ignore the elephant in the room.

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