Wednesday, June 16, 2021

How modern science and engineering produced the mRNA covid vaccine - and what is next for modern medicine.

Take time to read this one! Inside Pfizer’s race to produce the world’s biggest supply of covid vaccine.

At the Washington Post Christopher Rowland tells the story of how “Pfizer engineers used a ‘bulldozer’ approach to go from ‘utter failure’ to 3 billion doses.”

Here is the short version of two miracles of science and engineering and the high stakes for modern medicine.

After the “miracle of science” to develop the mRNA vaccine, [President Joe] Biden said, the Pfizer accomplishments in Kalamazoo were “a second miracle — a miracle of manufacturing — to produce hundreds of millions of doses.”

Pfizer and other companies are building mRNA vaccine pipelines for influenza, HIV, tuberculosis, rabies, rotavirus, malaria, and Zika, according to an analysis by the investment advisory firm Berenberg Capital Markets. BioNTech and Moderna are conducting extensive work on the use of mRNA against cancer.

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