Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Arizona Fraudit shows that Trump's attempted coup is not yet over

Writing in The Bulwark, Tim Miller advises us to Get Ready for the Shitstorm That Will Follow the Arizona “Recount”. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy’s plan for Arizona is the same as it was before January 6. Following is Miller’s conclusion.

Sometime soon the results of the Arizona audit will be brought forth. It seems quite likely, given the participants, that the auditor ninjas will claim that Donald Trump won Arizona. Or probably won Arizona—who can say! Or would have won Arizona, if not for those meddling kids.

And if this happens, the former president and his MAGA media echo chamber will once again stoke the flames of insurrection. Q-adherents will convince themselves that one of the seven seals has been revealed. Millions (tens of millions) of Republicans throughout the country will believe it. And some of them will demand action.

So when the Arizona audit bell tolls, what exactly is McConnell and McCarthy’s plan?

Because it sure looks as though they are dooming us all to repeat the same history we just lived through, humoring Trump’s delusions and hoping that none of their supporters die in their imaginary fight for freedom this time.

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