About Sky Islands Scriber

Why Sky Island Scriber?

"Sky islands are mountains that are isolated by surrounding lowlands of a dramatically different environment ..." (Wikipedia)  A scriber is generally defined as "a pointed instrument used for making marks."  So, in the context of this blog, the Sky Island Scriber writes pointed remarks about news items that standout from the usual media churn.  We select news items, some from other blogs, that strike us as standing out from other stories.  Some of these targets, we admit, are selected just because they are so irresistibly looney.  Often the test is just "how could any thinking human ... ?"

For example, money laundering refers to disguising money transfer from person A to person C by giving the money to person B and then having person B do the transfer to person C.  Often, the courts are all over this practice as flies are to end products of horses.  However, the Arizona courts have ruled that taxpayers (A) can give money to parents (B) to give to private schools (C).  See?  How could any thinking human do other than call this money laundering?

Sky Island Scriber is definitely not right-wing and is not even centrist.  (To espouse liberal values and stake out the political center is to limit movement  to right of center.)  So, the Scriber's marks on media are always in the context of a progressive frame (or meme).